Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jess's Semi-Homemade MIlk & Oatmeal~Head 2 Toe~ Bar Soap

Hello! Welcome to my Kitchen Table! I have a semi-homemade soap recipe for you all today.

This is a great recipe I drived from anther recipe for semi-homemade soap. It's a great intro to soap making for begginers (like me ~smile~) and for those who have young kids around and do not want to mess with Lye because of those young kids (again like me ~smile~). This make a great hand made soap.

These are the ingrediants needed:

  • 6 Bars shredded Ivory or other SLS Free White Bar soap

  • 2 cups Distilled Water & 1/4 cup extra; reserved

  • 10 Tbs Milk Powder

  • 5 Tbs Powdered Sugar (This is the poor man's silk & lather agent)

  • 1/2 cup of Olive Oil

  • 18 Tbs Ground (w/ some texture) Oatmeal

  • 60 Drops Tea Tree Oil

  • 35 Drops Lavendar Oil

  • 20 Drops Sage Oil

Pot Choice #1 for the melting process.

Pot Choice #2 for the melting process. Either of these pots will do just fine.

It's all about preferance. I started with my crockpot but plan on trying

my dutch oven next batch around.


Melt Soap in water (the 2 cups) untill fairly smooth (there may be some lumps). Then add milk powder, Pwdr Sugar, & oil. Mix this well and blend till smooth. Add remaining 1/4 cup (~give or take~) of water & oatmeal, again mix well. It may be some what lumpy. Once fully melted & incorperated~turn off heat and add Oils. Stir one last time and pour into molds (can be just about anything, however, they do sell soap molds at most craft stores). Cool Completely and unmold. Place soap onto wax paper in a cool place (ie: I put my soap in my basement) and cover this with a towel (I used a kitchen towel). Let this sit for about 2 weeks to "dry" out. Wrap the soaps in tissue paper to store & Enjoy!

This is the finished product. It looks yellow due to the lighting in my bathroom. However, it really is white, with some brown in it due to the oatmeal. I love this soap. Don't want the smell in your soap from the Essensial Oils? That's ok too. Just leave out the oils & your soap will just smell like "soap". I accidently left the oils out in my first batch and can attest that the soap is still really great. This soap is the soap I use on my kids & myself. I use it for my hair & body (I use a vinegar rinse as conditioner, and I use a detangler also due to my hair being so long. I find the loger your hair the more it'll tagle on you.

I do hope you all enjoy this soap as much as my family & I do. Enjoy!



Copyright, 2009 by Jessica Stewart

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